Sunday, July 31, 2011

Polar Bear 2011

Numb feet were the worst part, followed by the seething mob, and the lack of adequate information.

English Bay Polar Bear swim is a very chaotic, with crazed celebrants running every which way.

We met for brunch at Milestones - which was totally slammed. Cynthia, Akita, Adam, Steve, Keegan, Dave, Dwayne, Nelson, Tamara, Dad and I. Reservation at 1230pm, food at 1345. Table wasn't ready when Cyn arrived at 1230.

If I do this again I'll eat less and/or earlier.

Cyn, Akita and I left at 1420, to try and reach the beach by scheduled swim time 1430.

Should've hit the beach much earlier and had someone with us on the shore. Hiking barefoot to the water's edge was the worst part. Feet were numb before we even wevt in.

Dad and Mark both suggested some pre-swim exercise to warm the feet.

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