Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Recovery Day

After two days of driving the "Pink Panther" van (and doing Clouseau impressions), today was a much-needed day of recovery. However, I did keep busy:
  • picked up a contest prize
  • visited some talented friends
  • read a good book

Contest Prize: Stephane Grenier's Blog Blazers (review to follow). Thank you to Raul Pacheco-Vega for posting the contest through which I obtained this very useful book.

I picked up Blog Blazers at 422 Richards Street, right above academie duello.

Talented friends:
Adrienne is a writer/rapporteur (sample) and digital storyteller, and also a painter of some talent. She welcomed me into her home, where we visited while awaiting my brother Gavin's return. I was able to enjoy Jim's story, as put together by Adrienne with photos and narration, and she generously took the time to read several Enduroblog entries, even providing some useful information (such as 'Little Man's' name).

Jim is a virtuoso guitarist & singer (and busker extraordinaire), humorist and artist with a book on the way.

A good book:
I always enjoy Quinnett's hard-boiled, thoroughly practical advice for Counselors and Medical Doctors about how to save the lives of people who are not inclined to continue living. A classic reference work, IMHO.

(Lineups, combined with hunger, dissuaded me from trying the new RAV line - a two hour wait to ride - and my brother was out, so I missed him).

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