Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend to End Breast Cancer

Tomorrow and Sunday, August 15 and 16, will be Vancouver's 2009 Weekend to End Breast Cancer. I am excited and delighted to be a member of the Sweep Team, the crew of van drivers that will 'sweep forward' any walkers in distress.

Today my van partner Cynthia and I, and her two daughters, went down to decorate our van near the Rocky Mountaineer station, not far from Science World. We have a great theme - "the Pink Panther loves eggs" - that reflects our fundraising to fight Ovarian Cancer, while emphasizing the Weekend's dominant pink colour scheme.

I will be Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers' version); Cynthia will be my sidekick, Cato ... and, in character, will employ the occasional well-placed karate chop to keep me in line. Cynthia and her daughters are the creative masterminds behind the theme and our van's excellent look.

[include photo]

Tomorrow will be a very early morning - must make it a relatively early night :)

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