Saturday, July 25, 2009

14 blog topic ideas - blogathon 2009

"Thank you!" to everyone who suggested a topic, in case I run out of things to say.

Here is the list so far (more suggestions welcome!):

. Humans as animals. (Our true nature). That sort of thing. I'm not talking about anthropromorphism but of the idea of humans without technology.

. Endurance and it's many forms.

. promoting, enhancing and harvesting wild mushrooms instead of logging..... We would get "our" forests back, make more money from "our" land and help reduce global warming big time...

. Digital Newspapers

. your favorite places to dine in Vancouver

. how to make your favorite meal

. a place you would like to travel to

. good childhood memories

. Gossip

. Favorite alcoholic drink (how to make it)

. Call and interview someone for five minutes and write about that

. Comparison of your thoughts of Vancouvers last mayor and this new mayor

. Cool websites you enjoy

. Different developments in breast cancer

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  1. hey there, it's isabella, all the way across about 8 metres of space :)

    that's cool, that your wife is doing the walk to end breast cancer. i did it once, and vigorously participated in fund raising two more times.

    so ... topics:

    what do you enjoy taking pictures of?

    tell us about the russian connection

    what's your best bicycle story?


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