Saturday, July 25, 2009

Couldn't be better

So far it has been excellent, two days of trepidation notwithstanding.

I have a file drawer full of unsent letters - condemned to rot by the internal censor. So, coming into the blogathon, the prospect of choking had me tied in knots. Also, the whole idea of blogging all day instead of, say, playing tennis, seemed fiendishly unnatural.

I'm glad to say though that, here at hour 16.5, it is starting to look like a high point for the year.

The bloggers (thank you Shane Gibson) are very supportive (not to mention bright and interesting), the food is excellent (thank you sponsors!), I've interviewed some articulate, opinionated folks and had a chance to share things that I feel passionate about. We just enjoyed a lightning storm followed by some of my favourite music, mojaveband, acoustic guitar and vocals. Followed by a skype chat with a friend from Mauritius, who is starting his leisurely Sunday with a nice cup of coffee. The perfect vicarious contrast.

(As for me, I swore off caffeine for the week and am doing alright).

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