Saturday, July 25, 2009

Humans as Animals 2

Not about anthropomorphism - the idea of humans without technology

Vintage Keegan, throwing a monkey wrench with a topic like this.

After almost 15 hours blogging, humans without technology is starting to sound good.

I haven't decided whether we over or under leverage tech. I'm still on the fence.

I am sure that as we define technology we are defined by it, if not exactly as we are by language, culture, genetics and a myriad forces barely within our ken, if that.

Biologically we are animals, simple as that. Does it make sense in any scientific view to conceive that we are anything else? And yet, to seriously accept it, to make it a precept, would be most unsettling. How would I feel about another who held that view of me, even if they were the most ardent believer in animal rights?

And yet, is it right to make such an arrogant claim about our place in nature? Seems like hubris.

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