Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sundials in the shade

'Wasted Strengths'

I am enjoying an audiobook based on the Gallup Poll Organization's poll of strengths, Now Discover Your Strengths.

There is a StrengthsFinder Profile, apparently, that lets you figure out how best to apply your strengths, and avoid leaving them in the shade. There is quite a spiel about Warren Buffet and the system of investing in companies whose position he could predict in twenty years. Some areas:

. handling risk
. connecting with people
. making decisions
. deriving satisfaction

The point is that, if one is aware of one's strongest skills one can play to them; this is more important than shoring up weak areas. It is important not to simply take them for granted.

'Carve out a role that draws on these strengths every day.'

I won't have time to listen to & review the whole CD. It was on the bookshelf here, where I will leave it. It has an ISBN no. (or something like that): 0-7435-1814-4.

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